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  • Are you prepared for events, initiatives, performances?

Operational Planning
  • Do you have a well-thought-out timeline/work plan for each?

  • Is each one properly budgeted, staffed, tracked?
  • Do you regularly evaluate your progress and results?

We will help you create thorough operations plans with clear timelines, work assignments, budgeting and tracking, and evaluation of results.

  • Are your existing contracts fair, clear and consistent? Are you often challenged by contract issues?

  • Do you have a climate of trust and mutual respect with your union members? Do you understand their hopes and desires?

  • Do you have a strategy for your negotiations, including bottom lines and BATNAs (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)?

We will review your existing contracts and  recommend practical methods for implementation. We'll help you prepare for contract negotiations, creating a detailed negotiation strategy. We will, upon request, act as lead negotiator or advisor during union negotiations.
  • Are your publications high quality (language and layout)?

  • Are they produced on time and within budget?

  • Does everyone involved understand their part in producing them, respecting deadlines?

We will examine your publications and production process, make recommendations to improve quality, and help you design a workable system that creates and tracks expenditures, enabling those involved to work within clear and achievable timelines.

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