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Strategic Planning
  • Is your organization in constant “crisis mode”?

  • Does your mission statement truly express your organization’s goals?

  • Do you need assistance in making your organization function and meet its goals?

We will assess your strategy, goals, methods, processes and more, and help you create a viable operation, with clear targets, consistent methods, and a feeling of being ahead of the game.

  • Do you have a long-term plan?  Where does your organization want to be in three years? Five? Ten?

  • Are your dreams achievable?

  • How should your short-term activities serve your mission and your long-term goals?

  • Who are your stakeholders?  What do they want? What do they bring to the table?

  • Does everyone in your organization share your goals?  Is everyone pulling in the same direction?

We will lead you through a Strategic Planning process designed to answer these questions.    The resulting plan will focus on what is truly important, inform your decision-making, and link daily tasks to the big picture.

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