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The Arts Administration Blog: First Post

Good morning, arts administrators, board members, donors, community members, and other interested people!

As the world of nonprofit arts management morphs into new forms, I'm going to be posting news, ideas, questions, techniques and other things that I hope you will find useful, provocative, stimulating and more.

Today, the NY Times has a fascinating article about the Met Museum's new head, Max Hollein. My favorite quote in the article:

“Art cannot solely be perceived in regard to its beauty and craftsmanship,” Mr. Hollein said. “You also have to evaluate it in light of its political messages.”

How does/will this work in various artistic pursuits? Opera? Theatre? Music? How does an arts organization strike a balance among the need to be relevant, the need to preserve great art of the past, and the need to keep donations flowing?

Enjoy reading!

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